20+ Passive Ways to Earn Free Crypto


Here is a list of the simplest ways of earning free crypto, by doing what I’m doing anyway daily.

Ok, I just did my worst clickbait title ever. It gave me palpitations. Sorry about that. Behind this clickbait title, there is another reality. What we call “free” is usually more “getting paid” in some way or another, by giving away your time or data, or seeing ads, etc. Most of the ways presented here are truly passive, but I will also mention some that require little to no effort.

Not all the ways are available in every country, and I tried to gather them in categories. Some of the used links are referrals, which will usually give you additional rewards while enabling to support me. Projects in bold are the one that I actually use and recommend!

Easiest passive free crypto: the Cashbacks

There is now a tremendous amount of crypto cashback debit/credit card. The choice might seem complicated. Well, not really. My criteria are the percentage of cashback (preferably in non-garbage tier altcoin), ease of use, seriousness of the baking firm, and finally international fees.

First, for US residents, the two best choices are:

  • Coinbase: With the latest Coinbase debit card, you can get a 4% cashback in XLM or GRT or 1% cashback in other crypto. If you pay your bills, pay during group gatherings, etc., it can amount to quite some money. You deposit USDC (free of charge), you top-up the debit card and you can spend that at any store that accepts VISA (basically anywhere in the world). It’s simple, with a 4% cashback I could currently earn back $50 per months easily!
  • BlockFi: Earn 1.5% cashback in Bitcoin on every purchase with the BlockFi Visa Credit Card.

For Europe, Asia and Africa, we are not as lucky. Currently I only see one good option:

  • Crypto.com (CRO): You can get from 1% to 8% back in CRO tokens. Depending on the amount of CRO that you stake (and lock) on their platform, you can get different level of crypto.com cards. The higher levels even have free Spotify, Netflix, Amazon prime subscription. This represents quite some money, so check your maths if it might be interesting for you.
  • SocialGood (SG): gives 25%-100% crypto cashback (in SG token) for making online purchases through their app. Up to 100% with eBay!

Earn money with free NFTs

If you have the time, a good strategy is gathering free NFTs and selling them. I have seen some people earning $300 a week by doing that.  Best places to get free NFTs is on discords of the project, giveaways and https://www.reddit.com/r/NFTsMarketplace/. Then sell the NFTs on Opensea!

You don’t understand why NFTs are given for free? Well, it comes down to the passive income that they generate to their creator. Each time they are sold on secondary markets, they will earn some royalties. So, another good way to earn passive income is actually to create NFTs that will be traded by other people!

Change your internet habits and earn crypto passively !


  • Brave (BAT): no need to extensively present it, I guess the web browser brave is pretty well known now. Under settings you can choose your ad rate of up to 10 ads per hour. Then earnings will depend on how much time you spend on your computer or smartphone android, but also your location. Currently I earn about 3 BAT per month. Not much, but who knows? I can also use these BAT to tip my favorite websites. You can also tip me if you like my articles and want to support me.
    Browser is great, privacy focused, light and fast and YouTube videos don’t have ads. Supposedly Brave Nightly might give you more BAT rewards if you want to use beta versions. It is noteworthy that Brave search has been released in beta. You can’t earn Bat using it yet, but to come, you will be able to replace your Google search engine with Brave’s one, and earn money for using it. Meanwhile, here are two alternatives to google search engine.

Browser extension:

  • Presearch (PRE): Browser extension that allows you to use the Presearch search engine. Can be used with Brave as it is a Chrome extension.
    It’s a bit complicated regarding earnings and withdrawal of earnings. You need 1000 PRE in order to withdraw and only 50% of the PRE that you earned are eligible. The 1000 PRE corresponds to a full year of 30 searches a day.  This 1000 limit is mainly due to ETH gas and it could change with ETH 2.0.
  • Swashapp (SWASH)– Browser extension, your data are anonymized and sold, you get 70% of that money back. Most importantly, it can also be used with Brave.


  • Odysee (LBC): a YouTube alternative. Not so many videos on it, but many creators are backing up their YouTube videos on Odysee. In 6 months, I earned about 40 LBC. You can tip in LBC, a bit like BAT and brave. Has some staking mechanism. But most importantly: there is supposedly no censorship possible on this platform.
  • XCAD network: Very interesting project, not yet launched but soon. A plug-in for YouTube. You will be paid to watch your favorite YouTubers. Currently they have YouTubers with collectively more than 100+ million subscribers.



  • Publish0x– Earn ETH/ FARM (harvest finance)/Ampleforth for reading and writing crypto blog posts
  • Hive/Steem: Get paid when folks upvote your posts. It is usually long-form content, at least 150 words.

Participate to Airdrops for free cash grab

Here, there is no miracle. You need to stay up to date on the different possible airdrop. It’s not passive, it requires some work and luck, but god, this can amount to some large amount! Just like the Uniswap UNI airdrop or dXdY airdrop that both gave several thousands of dollars! 

  • Best resource: this list that keeps track of the possible airdrops. Please send some support to its authors.

Other interesting airdrop lists:

Location-Based Earning: sell your location data to earn crypto

Wanna earn crypto for walking/traveling? Well, Google is using your data to milk some money out of you. How about trying to get some money out of your location data also? That’s the aim of location-based earning app. You sell them your location data. It is possibly lucrative if you move a lot or if you go in the right zones. But you must not care about the privacy of your location data (I don’t use one personally).

Geocash free crypto geo passive income
  • COINapp (XYO) and Big Token, basically the same as GeoCash
  • Coin hunt world: a bit different from the previous ones. Coin hunt world is actually very similar to the famous Pokemon Go app. You walk, you collect keys, open vaults, answer quizzes and collect crypto. Apparently, it’s easy to earn $20 a day.  For now, they are only in Canada and the US. They also just launched in London. So, keep the app on your radar, because they plan to add a country per month. You can sign up for the newsletter to keep track of the country release schedule https://blog.coinhuntworldwiki.com/newsletter/

Misc and easy ways to earn money

  • Quizzes: Coinbase learn and earn or Coinmarketcap. Few bucks of free crypto when they add new and simple quizzes.
  • Shakepay: for Canadian. an app where you get free satoshis every day by shaking your phone once every 24 hours. If you build up a streak, you earn more satoshis every day.
  • Folding at Home– Earn Banano by folding, essentially mining for scientific research. It used to be quite profitable, but I don’t know anymore as I only have a non-gaming laptop now.


As you can see it’s not that difficult to earn some free crypto, as most things in crypto. It’s already possible to generate some free passive income by using crypto cashback cards, changing your internet habits with Brave or by writing successful post on reddit. 

Meanwhile, if you can also earn some passive income on your crypto and stablecoins by lending or staking them. Check the best DeFi and CeFi interest rates, in my complete guide!

Let me know if something is not clear, or if you have found better passive generating income ways. Also, if you have tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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