Brave browser: 8 tips to earn more BAT crypto + overview

What is Brave?

I already talked about Brave in my article on free ways to earn crypto. Here comes today my full article on brave with all its recent developments and the future ones to come!

Brave is a browser (like Chrome or Firefox) that aims to revolutionize the web browsing experience. Since its launch in November 2018, it has had an exponential growth of its users, reaching 14 million daily users in October 2021. 

Let’s find out why so many people are switching from Chrome or Firefox to Brave and how to maximize your BAT earnings (Brave’s crypto)


Who is behind Brave?

The main public figure is Brendan Eich. He worked for Netscape, co-founded Mozilla Firefox and also created the JavaScript programming language (one of the languages on which the web runs). I wonder if this guy ever sleeps. Today, he works with other Mozilla alumni on Brave. Brave project is financed by venture capital, notably Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund (co-founder of PayPal, and an early investor in Facebook.

Why should you use Brave?

Surf the web without any ads

Brave integrates its own ad blocker: Brave Shield. So no need to download any other adblocker experience like adblock or u-tracker. It’s a huge plus for me. Usually on chrome I would need to have 1 or 2 extensions installed to block the ads. But using 3rd party extensions usually means that you trust the issuer of the extension, and that the extension is probably not perfectly optimized. So I’m glad to now have a natively embedded ad blocker with Brave Shield. The blocker also works perfectly fine on YouTube.

Accept discreet ads and earn crypto in return: BAT

You then have the choice of seeing or not the ads that are proposed to you by the browser. They appear as notifications in the bottom right corner of your screen. It’s very discreet. See the image just below for an example. The loop effect on this picture is just added on the picture to make you read what is the content of the pop-up.

brave. browser bat ads popup

By the way, I see this question everywhere: you don’t need to click on the ads to earn the BATs! I accept to have 10 ads per hour to earn more. It’s not bothering me, with other browsers its 5 ads per page, but you don’t earn anything!

Increase Privacy

Brave blocks trackers that spy on everything you do on the Internet. Brave supposedly does everything to make your browsing invisible and anonymous. The browser even integrates TOR (click on “New private tab with TOR”).

Increase web browsing speed

As Brave blocks ads and trackers, it can be faster than other browsers. Brave is also available in mobile version for Android and iOS. Blocking ads and trackers also saves your phone’s battery and data! But due to apple shenanigans, you can’t earn BAT on iphone…


Brave is based on Chromium. It’s the open-source basis of Google’s Chrome browser, or Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge. Therefore, the user experience between Chrome and Brave is similar. So, if you are currently using Chrome, it will be easy for you to adapt to Brave

brave. browser bat ads computer smartphone

What are BAT used for (Basic Attention Token)? Advertising!

Earning a share of ads revenue

Ads on internet are very lucrative. Nowadays, Google and Facebook are the biggest players in the market and are almost unavoidable. Brave wants to change this market. For that, they decide to empower the ads’ target: us, the internet users. With Brave, users will be able to monetize their attention by accepting to see ads. Hence the name Basic Attention Token (BAT).

When an ad is displayed, a part of the BAT is redistributed to the brave user who sees the ad (you), a part goes to the visited site, and a part goes to the team that develops Brave. Also, to advertise on Brave, the advertiser has to pay in BAT. So, unlike many projects, BAT token is actively used in the ecosystem.

Your BAT earnings will be sent to you once per month. You can keep them if you think its price will increase or you can use them to tip!


If you desire, you can tip part of your BAT, that you earned or bought, to websites that accepts BAT tips.

If a website is registered as a creator through Brave, you will see in your browser at the right corner of the address bar a small triangle (BAT token logo). If you click on it, you get the choice to either make a onetime donation, or to set up a regular monthly donation. Of course you don’t have to give everything to one site. You can set up “auto-contribute” in the settings, and this will dispatch your BAT to the different websites that you visit.

If you like my content and this website, you can actually tip me with BAT and Brave! What a good opportunity to test how tips work :p

How to increase the number of BAT earned?

There are really simple steps to earn more BAT.

  1. Maximize BAT earnings on computer, laptop, PC.
  • You should accept to have 10 ads per hour to earn more. Then earnings will depend on how much time you spend on your computer or smartphone android, but also your location. The more time you web browse with Brave the more you earn BAT. So install Brave on your personal computer, on your smartphone and on your works computer!brave. browser bat ads settings
  • Accept sponsored images. On the bottom right of the homepage click on “Customize.” Click on that to open a menu. Click on “Background Image,” and switch the toggle named “Show sponsored images.” You will earn more BAT.brave. browser bat ads background sponsored images
  1. Maximize BAT earnings on android devices. Receive Brave ads and BAT on mobile even when not using Brave.
  • On android, Launch Brave and tap on the menu icon (three stacked dots). Tap on the “Settings” icon. Tap on “Brave Rewards” underneath the “Features” subheading. Toggle the switch for the option “show ads when Brave is not in use”.
  • You can further boost the number of BATs for mobile, one additional trick that you find on my patreon
  1. Apparently, it also depends on which country you live in. Some counties may receive more Bat per ads.
  2. You should also install Brave on your parents’ computer and smartphone, your girlfriend’s also. They won’t see any difference compared to using chrome, but they will earn BAT!
  3. I suggest removing the autocontribute part, and instead to send tips manually to people you actually want to
  4. Finally, I don’t know if this is still true, or if it has ever been true, but supposedly Brave Nightly might give you more BAT rewards if you want to use beta versions and you might earn more BAT if you watch some porn. Link to beta. brave. browser bat ads settings

How much BAT can you earn?

Currently I earn about 3 BAT per month. Not much, but who knows in the future ? I basically get paid not to use chrome anymore and not to sell my data to google!


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Should I hold BAT token?

In short: yes, probably. As you will see in this article, given all the developments and the ecosystem that the team is building and with BAT having a central role, it’s quite likely that BAT will appreciate.

Here are some facts that should be of interest to many of you, regarding the Bat tokenenomics. Some interesting metrics can be seen here:

  • BAT is the crypto used by Brave. 1.5 billion tokens have been pre-mined and there will never be more on the market. All are already in circulation.
  • Exponential growth of users
  • Brave buys BAT on the markets, to distribute them to users that accept ads.
  • People that want to place ads on Brave will directly pay Brave. Brave will take 30% for the company, and use the remaining 70% to buy BAT from the market.

How to install brave

If I have convinced you that Brave is a great chrome alternative, here is how to install it.

You can’t do something simpler. You just have to go to and download the browser. When you first launch it, Brave will give you the opportunity to import your history and bookmarks from Chrome or Firefox. Moreover, Chrome extensions are compatible with Brave, so you can just download any extension for your brave browser, the same way you would have done it for chrome.

To earn BATs while surfing, go to “Brave Rewards” and just enable ads.

Recent Brave developments


Very recently, in November 2021, Brave just released a really exciting and important milestone. Their native wallet! Like Metamask, but directly in the browser, no need for an extension. 

Why developing its own native wallet when metamask is used by everyone? Well, it’s just like the ad blocker. Not having to download a third party extension to have this feature greatly reduces the issues of scams. There are more people than you think that downloaded a fake metamask for example. It also probably greatly reduces the utilization of your computer CPU and memory resources, as it is probably better optimized.

It is an Ethereum wallet, it allows users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps), as well as to store non-fungible tokens (NFT). It is non-custodial (it does not require an intermediary), the funds are secured strictly by the user. Users can connect their “cold” wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

Pragmatically speaking, the Brave wallet enables users to transact almost every crypto. It supports all EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible chains, like Polygon, xDai, Avalanche, Fantom etc. Bitcoin will come at a later date.

For now, Brave’s wallet is only available in its desktop browser version, but it will soon arrive on mobile apps.

Finally, the wallet also allows users to buy crypto with many fiat currencies through the crypto-to-fiat service Wyre.

Future Brave developments

Brave Search

Currently, Brave is working on Brave Search, which will be the first independent search engine competing with Google and Bing. We all have heard about DuckDuckGo using Bing results, that should not be the case of Brave’s search. Brave Search will also be open source and it will respect the privacy of users.

Ads on Brave Search will be paid in BATs and the user will receive BATs if he uses Brave Search. Still, as always, the user can disable the ads if he wants to. So you will receive BAT when you search on Brave Search instead of Google.

It is noteworthy that Brave search has been released in beta. You can’t earn Bat using it yet, but it will come soon. Try for yourself, brave search is already giving really good results! 


Non EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchains

Brave plans to expand its browser with more blockchains, the Brave Wallet will also integrate the Solana blockchain in 2022.

Decentralized exchange platform (DEX) aggregator

Brave is also working on a decentralized exchange platform (DEX) aggregator, which should be released during 2022. Basically, it will allow any user of the browser to make trades or swaps without going through an exchange like Coinbase or Binance


You won’t earn some immediate big bucks with Brave. I earn currently around $60 per year with the brave browser with my different computers and smartphones combined. It’s not much, but it’s still better than earning nothing and have google steal your data. Still, you can clearly maximize your earnings if you install brave on your different family member computer/smartphone!

Unlike other ways that I presented in my article “how to earn free crypto”, this method is really easy. Presearch for example on the other hand is really laborious, and not worth your time according to me. With Brave, you don’t change any of your habits, because everything is very similar to chrome or Firefox.  You have the same extensions as in Firefox or chrome.  You earn some money while seeing minimal ads, and privacy is respected. It’s also a great way to start your journey into crypto world! And there are still lot of interesting developments with Brave ecosystem. What more could you ask for?

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