Crypto stocks: invest in crypto without buying any crypto !


The easiest way to expose yourself to crypto without buying crypto is to purchase a stock of a company with a financial stake in the blockchain technology.

You can, of course, invest in companies that sell blockchain as a service, like IBM, Intel or Microsoft, or consulting companies like Accenture, but below is list of more “direct” players of the blockchain game, with their respective ticker and a brief description. You can find them on eToro or degiro, the two simplest brokers that I recommend.

Bitcoin holders

  • Tesla (TSLA)

We all know that Elon Musk is part of the crypto space nowadays. Some revere him as God, some as a huge pain. His declaration on Bitcoin and doge are most of the time absurd. Yet you can’t deny that he brought some spotlight on crypto. Nevertheless, Tesla, the electric vehicle company, holds over a billion dollars’ worth of bitcoin and even accepted payments in Bitcoin at one point (it most probably will come back). These billions of bitcoins are quite noteworthy, given the fact that this bitcoin investment currently made Tesla more money than all their electric vehicle sales!

  • Square (SQ)

Square bought $50 million of Bitcoins in October 2020, that are now worth $250 million. As a company, they are aiming to become the payment processor of small business and start-ups. It is of interest that Square’s CEO is Jack Dorsey, who is also the CEO of Twitter (which is about to add the possibility to send tip in bitcoin thanks to the lightning network).

  • MicroStrategy (MSTR)

MicroStrategy offers business intelligence and cloud services and invests its assets into Bitcoin. However, I would be extra careful with this one. Its CEO, Michael Saylor has had troubles with the SEC before (Security and Exchange commission, US financial authority).

"On December 14th, 2000, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) opened an investigation into Michael Saylor and accused him of being a fraud. Like most SEC cases, they usually end with a settlement, and so did this one. Without admitting or denying the allegations, Saylor agreed to pay $8.3 million to shareholders and a $350,000 penalty to the S.E.C. The SEC also revealed that instead of making profits (as Saylor had claimed) they were actually losing money. MicroStrategy was basically being fueled by new investors, which they only acquired through the excessive hype, delusions, and speculations of the dot-com bubble participants."

I would tend to avoid anything around him. Find here a summary of his adventures…

Exchanges, Brokers or kind-of exchanges

  • PayPal (PYPL)

Everyone knows PayPal. It’s a platform where people can now purchase cryptocurrencies. Regardless of which crypto will moon or not, PayPal will most probably integrate it and derive some revenue from it.

  • Coinbase (COIN)

Coinbase is the first publicly traded cryptocurrency exchange. It has been listed on the Nasdaq in spring 2021.

Mining companies:

 Here are some publicly traded crypto mining company.

  • Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA) (North America)
  • RIOT Blockchain (RIOT) (North America)
  • Northern data (NB2). (Europe, bitcoin mining on hydropower)
  • Bitfarms (BITF). Powered by clean and competitively priced hydroelectricity, Bitfarms operates five facilities in Québec, Canada.


  • Galaxy Digital (BRPHF)

Galaxy Digital is a diversified financial services and investment management involved in mining, trading, crypto investment management and custody.


Nvidia fabricates many of the processors that are used in the mining machines.

Venture Capital

This guide would not be complete without this point. However, traditionally, only accredited investors have the opportunity to dabble in venture capital investing. So, something like a net worth of $1 million, or a huge revenue of $200,00, fund lock-up periods, minimum investments, etc. If you happen to be able to dabble with Venture Capital, lucky you! Find here the list of the Top VCs investing in blockchain companies. Otherwise, for common people, like me, it’s interesting to try to follow what these VC’s companies are investing in.

top 20 vcs investing in crypto and blockchain companies

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