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All the articles of The Crypto Post on Platforms that enables to earn passive income via interest rates through Crypto.

20+ Passive Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Here is a list of the simplest ways of earning free crypto, by doing what I’m doing anyway daily. What we call “free” is usually more “getting paid” in some way or another, by giving away your time or data, or seeing ads, etc. Most of the ways presented here are truly passive, but I will also mention some that require little to no effort.

Fantom (FTM): Cheapest Bridge, Ecosystem Overview, 21% USDC apy, Rarity Manifested NFT game!

Lately, I became really fed up of gas fees on Ethereum blockchain. As you have seen, I have been playing around on the terra blockchain for that reason. Recently, I have been really impressed by Fantom. So here is my overall guide on Fantom: What is Fantom, how to join Fantom's ecosystem, why joining it, the best places to generate nice interest rates and some cool NFT rpg dungeon and dragons inspired game, Rarity Manifested, by Andre Cronje.