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Fantom (FTM): Cheapest Bridge, Ecosystem Overview, 21% USDC apy, Rarity Manifested NFT game!

Lately, I became really fed up of gas fees on Ethereum blockchain. As you have seen, I have been playing around on the terra blockchain for that reason. Recently, I have been really impressed by Fantom. So here is my overall guide on Fantom: What is Fantom, how to join Fantom's ecosystem, why joining it, the best places to generate nice interest rates and some cool NFT rpg dungeon and dragons inspired game, Rarity Manifested, by Andre Cronje.

How to protect yourself in DeFi: tips & recent Metamask hacks

Nothing is more interesting than earning +40% apy on your stablecoin with DeFi. Imagine, doubling your cash in almost 2 years! But you can lose everything in just a mere of minutes. Due to this asymmetry, everyone should spend a non-negligible time researching how to stay safe in DeFi.

How to earn up to 42% on your ETH with Terra, Anchor, Lido (August 2021)

Ho boy, it has been a long time since I felt like a boomer. But the following route on the Terra ecosystem to earn up to 42% on my ETH, with minimal gas fees felt like trying to get the A38 file as in Asterix and Obelix. So here is my tutorial for the simplest and cheapest way to earn up to 42% on your ETH with Terra and Anchor ecosystem, with minimal eth gas fees.